Stop the Spread of Germs at Your Events!

Hand Sanitizer Stations are quickly becoming one of the most important products you can provide for your visitors. Their main benefit has become the mission of all highly trafficked events: reduce the spread of germs. The CDC advises their use whenever water and soap are not available. Outside of washing our hands with soap and water, alcohol based (60% or higher) hand sanitizers are the best way to reduce the spread of germs and help to prevent infection.  Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands don't require any connection to plumbing or electricity - giving organizers total freedom to position these where there is the highest volume of foot traffic. Using gravity, and optimized designs that are built to work incessantly - these products are a great long term investment to ensure safe and healthy crowds.  Each event wants to invite interaction so that a message can be shared. This puts people into close proximity with others, and encouraging good hygiene is a great first

Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID19

As we each work through these unprecedented and uncertain times - information is our most powerful resource! Business owners throughout the country are seeing disruptions to their normal ways of operating. It is a challenging time for all of us, and these assistance programs fro the government can help you to keep your doors open, keep your employees protected, and keep your business running. In the most recent stimulus bill passed by Congress; The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, there are three programs that specifically target business owners. Please also be aware that to apply for these programs you will need various documents ready - find out how to prepare to apply here through the  international Sign Association website .  SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program This program is for businesses with fewer than 500 employees, sole proprietors,  independent contractors, and most private nonprofits - there is a full list of  eligible en

Event Cancelled? Time to Consider Video!

In the last few weeks Americans have observed the cancellation of large scale events - and despaired at the outlook of their upcoming promotions and branded events. Many in the industry are asking - how can they meet their promotion goals in the midst of such  uncertainty? While many variables are yet to be determined, it becomes clear that a different approach can benefit many brands. It’s time to consider the power of video! Our Video Prints always reach their audience and deliver an uninterrupted pitch- perfect message. Your customer receives it at either their place of business or home and can watch it at their leisure. No cancellations can derail this presentation! Your message is mobile and can be relied upon to make each valuable impression for you without being subjected to external cancellations or hindrances to attend an event. Video Prints facilitate engagement. You are putting your message directly in the hands of your audience- and why stop at just a video messa

Give your Brand a Foothold with Custom Logo Mats

When deciding if a business can benefit from a custom imprinted logo mat - perhaps first ask this question: Does the business have an entrance? Because if the answer is yes - you should certainly consider adding custom printed logo mats to your brand tool kit! Custom Logo mats are an attractive and practical branding tool that can: Boost awareness of your brand Improve safety Reduce back pain Contribute to a cleaner workplace Entrances are the obvious choice for where to add your branded message - but you can also achieve great results by positioning additional logo mats at your point of sale - or perhaps close to a significant product display. This opens up a new, previously untapped avenue for branding. Consider how most companies are already using window displays and shelving areas to their fullest. The branded mat will draw and hold attention in an area free from competition for attention - so that you can use them strategically to help certain areas stand out. The

5 Products for a Successful Outdoor Event

Promoting outdoors can pose a unique set of challenges to your campaign! The type of terrain, weather preparations, and crowd control can form a dizzying list of considerations.  We’ve got it covered! Each of these products is a tried and tested product that our customers keep coming back to as a reliable solution for outdoor promotions. If you're planning an outdoor event, you should definitely consider these products: 1) Pop Up Canopy A pop up canopy is a great way to provide shelter for your visitors - you never know if either rain or intense sunlight will hamper attendance - but a solidly constructed steel canopy will give audience a welcome respite while they engage with you.  The canopy top itself is durable canvas that is printed in full color - so the branding can be clearly seen on the other end of the field!       2) Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand At your outdoor event - there will be a message to share, or a call to action. Whether its

Making the Most of your Trade Shows! Part 1

The most common size of a trade show booth is 10x10. This space needs to be able to comfortably include you, your products, and most importantly, all of your visitors! Consider how your competitors in your industry will be exhibiting. To stand out, you may consider a size comparable to your peers. Depending on your company size, amount of products, and your goals, 10ft x 10ft may not be large enough. A common mistake many first time exhibitors make is building their space around a table. Consider how approachable a standing representative is compared to one that is seated behind a table. You want to invite people to engage with you in an attractive and friendly area, and unfortunately a table can serve as a barrier that can turn people away. If you truly require a surface for your literature, as a compromise - consider a counter where representatives can stand up and face your visitors. Is your space inviting? Plan your display items so that you allow for the easy flow of people

It's Not Too Late!

Great promotions take time. Often more time is required than what one person can reasonably provide. Are you planning a special event? A Trade Show? Or perhaps just adding branding to an existing event. Regardless of the scale - time is your most valuable asset, and we only get a limited amount.  Consider how even the most simple of events can be a tangle of logistics - it is easy to get weighed down with planning for each requirement. Successful timelines err on the side of caution - because it is extremely easy to underestimate preparation time. Many marketing companies will spend 6-8 weeks planning for an event - and can still sometimes run into unexpected complications! You may be given significantly less time than this from your client - what can be done? Most importantly - remember that you are not alone ! Delegation can be a great friend to you when in a time crunch. Portion out the big tasks to qualified and trusted partners. However that can also take time if this